Saturday, September 27, 2008

Hot Pink Electic G

The cake is done! Woot! I'm very happy with how it turned out. I was disappointed with the guitar strings, because the neck had to be removable I chose to pipe the strings on (I had planned on using wire, inedible but cool). Piping a straight line over approx. 28 inches of uneven terrain is quite the task. Because the neck portion stepped down, I decided to stop there and pipe the neck separately. At 11pm after a long day of work and a very long evening of caking I found myself wondering "uh where do these wires go?". My honey said just tell them it needs to be tuned....he's so helpful :P

I learned a few things during this project:

  • Red Velvet Cake is fricken fantastic, esp. when you get the recipe from a true southern girl.
  • Its easy to kneed room temp. fondant esp. when the room temp is about 90, but room temp. fondant isn't your friend unless you like fondant that rips really easy.
  • 80's Music can get stuck in your head for several days if you happen to look at the sheet music too many times, trust me there isn't much of anything that can drown out Hungry Like a Wolf by Duran Duran.


Rebecca said...

Man u really underestimate your talent. I had no doubt that cake would be amazing. She is going to be ecstatic! Good job.

Mello said...

Wow! Awesome Cake Nicole! Hell yeah, I totally know what you mean about Hungry like a wolf! Melanie