Monday, September 22, 2008

Study of the Electric Guitar

I was recently asked to recreate this electric guitar for a sweet 16 b-day in pink.

As with most of my cakes, I'm winging it (fake it 'til you make it right) even though there are so many great examples of guitar cakes on the intranet, its not very clear how to make one. Even after seeing it done by the team at Ace of Cakes or the amazing stand up version done by the Cake Girls, I still can't grasp how all the fabulousness is actually achieved.

And to throw a big wrench into my task, I have to make the neck removable. Because the cake it going to be red velvet with cream cheese icing and it will need to be refrigerated (and I can't fit a 30 inch cake in my fridge, and I doubt the customer will either), I have to create some contraption that will allow the customer to slide the neck into place after its been delivered (scary!).

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Ms.Hart said...

Fake it till u Make famous last words.