Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Chocolate Stout Cake

I'm not a beer drinker, and have never in my life taken a sip of a deep heady stout. But when I saw this recipe it sounded so strange I had to try it, beer drinker or not.

You start by melting the butter, stout and cocoa which fills your house with a fabulous chocolatie beery smell unlike any beer I've ever smelled. This would be perfect to whip up on a chilly autumn night of which I was devoid of in the crisp 99 degree fall weather of good ol' So. Cal.

This cocoa, stout, butter slurry is cooled a bit then mixed into eggs and sour cream. Then the dry ingredients are mixed in until just incorporated. I think this quick mix of dry at the end and the sour cream give this a super moist texture because there isn't much time for the gluten to develop in the batter. Everything scooped into cupcake pans and baked up to a fluffy glistening finish.

However tasty they looked, I was scared even try it and since my dogs can't talk, I waited for my honey to come home and try it first. He says it rivals his most favoritest chocolate cake! You can smell the stout but you can't really taste it, and I'm not sure that anyone will even know if I didn't tell them. I'll test that theory on the guinea pigs at work tomorrow....I hope all the alcohol is cooked out ;)

I can call myself a stout fan long as its mixed up with loads of Valrohna cocoa, butter and loads of sugar.

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