Monday, October 27, 2008

The One With Phoebe's Cookies

If your a fan of the show Friend's you know of the episode where Monica diligently dissects the lost cookie recipe of Phoebe's grandma, only to find out later they were just (insert bad french accent) "Nesleetolhause".

I've been craving home made Nestle Tollhouse Cookies since Christmas of 2007, I even included them on my wish list to Santa. Nestle chocolate chips are not on my usual shopping list but a few months ago me and my honey succumbed to the allure of the giant yellow bag from Costco and they've been calling me ever since.

I haven't made this recipe measure by measure since I was about 12 years old (my family would argue that I never measured whilst baking, my cookies were and still are affectionately called hockey pucks by my dad). I think I miss the tang of the inevitable miss measure of baking soda. Or the extra saltiness you get from using margarine because we would never have such exotic ingredients as unsalted butter in our house. Or maybe sometimes cookies are just better when your 12....


Wonder-Rachel said...

Mmm.. cooookies... My favorite is the fake Neiman Marcus cookie recipe. It's super huge & super rich, but doesn't use dark chocolate or huge chunks (both of which I hate). I used to make oodles of cookies when I was a good church-goer. Ten years later I found the same recipe on and made them for everyone for xmas last year. A cheap gift that still didn't end up being as cheap as I expected! :)

Teanna said...

My favorite episode of Friends EVER! Nestleee Toulooose. HAHA!