Tuesday, October 7, 2008

YWP: I Love that Movie! Part 1

I joined another dessert inspired group called You Want Pies With That? Who doesn't like pie and who doesn't love a good challenge right?

First challenge ever is a tough one "I Love that Movie!" aka Movie inspired pie. Movies with pie in the title.... American Pie, gross! Movies with pies in them..... Sweeney Todd, double gross!! Having to change my thought pattern immediately; I tried to think of movies I loved first, then a pie I could create. Totally drew a blank, no inspiration, boo!

So of course I ask a few friends, swiftly dodging the aforementioned pie themes. My honey suggests Pineapple Express. Eh? How does that inspire a pie? I've never seen the movie but I know for sure it has NOTHING to do with Pineapples, but I could make this work. Pineapple pie sounds good.... never seen the movie but still love the name just the same. Dammit, do I create a themed pie on a movie I don't love?! (I know way to much angst over a pie) Then it came to me as I was drifting off to sleep as many things do Polar Express.

Its chilling away in the fridge, posting can only happen on the 8th.... Why the 8th? Well, Pi = 3.14. 3+1+4=8. (Trust me I didn't know this before I joined the group)


Anamika:The Sugarcrafter said...

Hi nicole
I passed by your site of nichi cakes and was greatly impressed by your work...beautiful visual impact and very neat finish..i simply adored them.

Nichi said...

Thanks for the kind words Anamika.