Sunday, November 9, 2008

Dimply Pluot Cake

Years ago when they started pushing this funky looking fruit as dinosaur eggs I brushed them off as a marketing ploy to get moms to buy weird genetically mutated fruit that probably didn't taste very good. Turns out that pluots are sorta strange but oh so fantastic and tasty if you know where to get them. Not at your local overpriced megamarket where almost every fruit takes on a mealy tasteless pallor but at the farmers market.

You have to literally elbow your way past the old guy that thinks he's entitled to man handle every last luscious pluot before you get any, but its worth it and if your smart enough you will wake up earlier the next weekend to get first dibs....ha! Take that old dude! Sadly enough I think pluot season is over, I used the last few we had to make this tasty cake. The made this over at Tuesdays with Dorie back in September, before I was a member of the group.

I can imagine making this cake with just about any fruit to top it off, it was delicious with the pluots. I would also make it with a crumb topping like a coffee cake too. Its quick to whip up and stays moist with crispy buttery edges and the cardamom gives it a nice interesting kick. Its not to sweet so it was good for dessert and for breakfast.

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