Monday, November 24, 2008

Thanksgiving Pies

Over at Tuesdays with Dorie its Twofer Pie week chosen by Vivi at La Casserole Carree but I had to make a Threefer with a Tart chaser. All in all seven pies for the folks at work nice enough to contribute to my holiday fund by buying their Thanksgiving pies from moi.

Double Crust Apple Pie~ Fresh Granny Smiths from the farmers market this weekend. Tossed with sugar & spices, surrounded by flaky pie crust a la Martha.
Pumpkin Chiffon~ Fluffy pumpkin filling, way better than the traditional pumpkin pie. I hated making this pie when I was in school because I would always get a crap grade...mastered by making this every year since graduating.
Chocolate Cream Pie~ Chocolatie goodness in a buttery chocolate crust. Sadly we had extra filling leftover, my honey has to eat the leftover, I had to twist his arm but he's gonna do it. Way to take one for the team baby!
Lemon Meringue Tart~ Pate Sucree filled with tart lemony custard, topped with swirls of French Meringue.

I got a little carried away and put meringue on everything because I figure it might hold up better than whipped cream, its fricken tasty and I was having way to much fun torching things. I think I better hit the hay, the leaves on the pies are starting to look like turkeys to me.....

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Carrie said...

Your lemon meringue tart looks to pretty to eat!