Monday, December 15, 2008

Chocolate Crackles

Mine no looka like Martha's... but they's damn tasty.... like brownie bites with a crunchy exterior. Excellent beginning for this book.

Truth be told I'm a cheater and maybe this is why this is the only cookie out of the dozen I baked that looked even vaguely like the ones in the book. When I got to the part of the recipe that said I had to divide this super sticky dough into 4 equal pieces then wrap it and chill it for 2 hours...then divide those into blah blah blah.. it got a little too 'Martha' for me and I used my own method.

I scooped these little guys with my smallest scoop and chilled them in the freezer. I think the frozen dough was too cold and didn't allow the surface to spread and crack properly, which is usually what happens to me, freezing brings on the wonky. I am saving the rest of the dough to bake off closer to Christmas time, I will make sure they are only fridge cold and see if that makes a difference because I don't like fussy recipes. All that dividing would make me not want to make these again no matter how tasty they are. I can't wait to see how other people who baked along got on with these, bound to be equally as tasty.

Bake-alongers: Megan's came out perfectly perfect check them out here if you want to see what they are supposed to look like.
Susan was in the midst of making hers when she was hit oven troubles. Sorry your oven is not cooperating! She was kind enough to post the recipe on her blog. Update: Susan's honey got her oven running and hers came out picture perfect.
Natalie's batch came out a little flatter than mine but still beautiful and delicious looking, I can imagine hers with a little ice cream smooshed in the center.
Fit Chick got her batch posted and they are gorgeous too! I'm convinced I've done something wrong to mine. Oh well, I will have to make more! There's no shortage of volunteers to eat the mistakes around here.

It's amazing that everyone has a different outcome. This is why I love baking with others to see how theirs turn out and to see the little twists everyone lends to their baking.


Megan said...

If you seriously think I had the time to divide the dough like Martha says, NO WAY! I used my little cookie scoop as well. Mine were chilled, not frozen - so perhaps that contributed to them spreading more. I agree though, these were really delicious and worth making again. Thanks for suggesting them, now my husband wants me to skip the cookie party and keep all the crackles at home.

What's for Supper? said...

Yours look so perfect. Unlike mine. Not worrying about the appearance over here though. They taste great!

Sus said...

Oh man. Those look taaa-aaa-sty!

Susan said...

Nichi thanks so much- I really enjoyed this and so did my family- minus the oven troubles. LOL...
Everyone cookies came out great!

Fit Chick said...

Ok, I left my comment on the wrong comment area, sorry. I did the same with the cookie scoop and then partially froze them. Christmas shopping got in the way, but my post is finally up. Your cookie looks great and I know they taste wonderful.