Thursday, January 1, 2009

Pignoli Pinoli Pine nut Cookies

When I was a little kiddo we had an assembly at school where a Forest Ranger came and talked to us about lots of foresty things like how to prevent forest fires or something.

One of the highlights of the assembly (besides the getting out of class part) was when he gave us all a little sample of pine nuts. They were so exotic with an intoxicating piney flavor. I spent allot of my childhood sneaking peaks into any spent pine cones I saw lying about to see if I could find some of my own.

I've never eaten a pine nut to this day that had that same flavor, maybe it was a particular variety or something but nothing has been as piney that's for sure but I do enjoy them just the same.

These pine nut cookies were interesting to make because you put everything in the food processor. They include almond paste which most home cooks don't have in their pantry but if you do have some give this a try. My dough came out really runny and I had to add another 1/4 cup of flour to the mix so they could be rolled but it was still really super sticky... probably the double yolk egg I cracked in there that did it. You can find the recipe here or in the Martha Stewart Cookies book on page 177.

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juju73 said...

These look very interesting! Happy 2009!