Sunday, March 29, 2009

Bake Along: Root Beer Bundt Cake

Ha! it's already Sunday and I almost forgot to post! I'm so focused on our quest to find a house that I completely forgot to tell you guys how my bundt cake came out.

Most definitely.
Root beerish?!

Any discernible flavor of root beer had left the building. I had my slice without ice cream so I could savor the root beery flavor but was left wanting. The chocolate overload pictured here was for my honey, I honestly don't know how he ate that... I guess its sorta like having a glass of milk...

I think the trouble was in the root beer choice. There are two at Trader Joe's and I went for the Virgil's Root Beer. My honey had a bottle later in the week and said that the root beer didn't even taste like root beer by itself... ahh well, this recipe is certainly a keeper, I will have to try a more commercial root beerier root beer next time.

You can check out Megan's site for her results and the recipe from Baked: New Frontiers in Baking. I gotta go search to see if anyone else joined in this time!

Update: I found Leanne from Enjoying My Favorite Things' post and she didn't get a root beer flavor either....hmmm maybe the comment about extract from Mermaid Sweets is the way to go.

Natalie from Whats for Supper posted hers as well and man does it look super chocolaty, but again no root beer flavor!

Kim from Stirring the Pot had time to join in and we finally have someone that could taste the root beer! Woot! She thinks the root beery flavor came from the extra splash she had to add to her icing to thin it out a bit.

Looks like Stephanie from Confessions of a City Eater, Margot from Effort to Deliciousness and Jenny from All Things Edible all got their bundt on as well. Gawking at all that glossy, luscious frosting so early on a Monday morning sure makes me happy!


Megan said...

Yeah - my root beer flavor left the building as well. But otherwise I think it was a very successful cake - great pick!

Mermaid Sweets said...

It sure looks yummy. I loved Baked. When I try this cake I think I will use rootbeer extract also based on your bake along reviews. Thanks

What's for Supper? said...

It was a good pic Nic. Even though I couldn't detect a root beer taste either. And, I don't even really care for dark chocolate but still enjoyed this very much.

leanne said...

Thanks for the pick. It was a wonderful cake but I might have to go with the rootbeer extract next time too.

Kim said...

Love the idea of the rootbeer extract. I wondered about crushing root beer candies on top?? I'm not sure. I might play with the recipe when I make it again. Thanks for picking this cake. I really enjoyed it.

Stephanie said...

I loved the cake! I bet the rootbeer extract would have really kicked up the taste.

margot said...

Excellent choice, it was a delicious cake. I didn't taste any root beer either, though.

Jenny said...

I used A&W root beer for mind, and while I could get a faint taste, I think a strong root beer would help. I don't like Barq's but it is strong, so maybe it would work well?
My kids would have loved your husbands version with the chocolate, though they loved the vanilla ice cream too.
Thanks for choosing this one Nic!

Julia said...

I've really been wanting to make this cake for a while now. I wonder if root beer schnapps would work better to impart the flavor? Has anyone tried that? I think that that soda, even good brands are just too fragile to stand up to all that heat.

(Thank you for your comment on my baby block cake! The details are my favorite part!)

Natalie said...

Ah! I missed your bake-along! Rats! Will you be doing more from the Baked cookbook? I didn't buy it, but I scanned basically the whole book when I took it out from the library. :) I'm dying to try the Maple Walnut Scones and Sour Cream Coffee Cake! And thanks for posting the Lebovitz link on my post!

Nichi said...

I think we will probably end up baking from Baked again... I was so happy with the ease of the recipe.

Eliana said...

I live in NY and have had the joy of visiting Baked and they did not let me down. My bf and I have had a ton of stuff from there and loved everything. I'm now trying to decided what I want to make from the book.

cakeflower said...

I'm wondering....we have a local brewery here that makes their own root beer. My kids don't like it because it is too "root-beery" Maybe something like that?