Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I made this cake last weekend for Breanna's 1st birthday. She's the super cute little munchkin pictured here in this super fuzzy cell phone picture.

I think her mom takes pictures of her on a regular camera but I've yet to see if you can't tell...just trust me she is AdorAble!

It was kinda big (can you say carried away) for a smash cake so we just gave her to top 1/2 for her to pick at. I have yet to see a kid really get down to business with a smash cake. I think it has something to do with 50+ people staring at them while they eat (or maybe she was offended by my slack spacing abilities when I was writing on her cake). She was hilarious anyways trying to pick up that big ol' cake so she could take a bite.... good memories.

You can click here to see the monkey up close and here to see little ms. b's babyshower cake from last year.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Please join me... a bit of song & dance (misery).

I was at my BFF's house for her baby girl's 1st birthday (will post the cake a little later once I crop the pics). So were sitting around after all the party people have gone home and she's playing ring tones from her phone. She played this one....

damn thing has been stuck in my head for three damn days.....

TWD: 2fer Fresh Mango Bread & Chipster Topped Brownies

Since I missed last weeks Tuesday's with Dorie I did a twofer this weekend and made the Fresh Mango Bread from last week and the Chipster Topped Brownies for this week.

I found my camera (woot!) but not the rest of my recipe books (boo!).

Thankfully the Mango Bread recipe chosen by Kelly was easy to find at her site Baking with the Boys and I found the Chipster Topped Brownie recipe over at Nosh with Me who's not on the Blogroll over at TWD but is a Dorie fan. The recipe was actually chosen by Beth at Supplicious and I'm sure she will have the full recipe posted soon but its not currently there as I type this.

The cookie topped brownies are deadly as brownies always tend to be. Rich and yummy but a lot of work for one recipe. I just lured in and ate a second one and wish I hadn't.... brownie bellie is the worst!

The fresh mango bread was a breeze to make but I think I wouldn't include the raisins next time. They seriously overpowered the bread in everyway, so you couldnt taste anything that resembled fresh mango flavor. Or I would make it with the raisins and eat the mango straight up. Yeah that sound like a plan....

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

TWD: Fresh Mango Bread

I am the queen of good intentions this week with a wicked case of no motivation. We're moved sure, the kitchen is almost completely unpacked but I know there are more cocina boxes lurking in the garage along with about 50 other boxes of things that need to be unpacked.

I bought the mangoes (did you know mango plural had an extra e!? what the?) and was going to bake tuesday night because I had to wait for Kelly's post of the chosen recipe over at Baking with the Boys before I could bake because my cookbooks are in one of the lurking boxes..... Anyhoo it all came crashing to a swift halt when I realized that even if I did get the energy to finally bake in my spankin' new kitchen I couldn't take a picture or post it because my computer is still in a million pieces and I have no idea where the camera could be. Ahh well what can you do...

On a side note regarding mangoes...our new neighbors have a pluthora of fruit trees including lemon, tangerine and mango! Yum! We already got a big bag of giant lemons from them!

Saturday, May 16, 2009


I don't think I've been this tired and sore in my entire life. If you ever get the inkling that you and your honey can move your entire house alone... you should immediately smack yourself in the noggin and reconsider. We did it but every bit of me is paying the price. And right now the hubs is in the bathroom fiddling with the tub... where does he get the energy to go on? Cripes what a good guy I married.

Either way tis all said and done.... we are moved in, the old house is moved out and there are boxes and things strewn everywhichwhere. Monday is going to be a biatch.... I can feel it.

Oh holy hell crimanutly...

I turned on iTunes and walked (strike that) hobbled into the living room, which is far far away compared to my old house... looked out the lovely big window and saw my car... which is still filled with crap. Sheeeit....

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

TWD: McFly you Bojo!

You can't dry you hair or keep food cold in your fridge...
unless you got powa!

Ok maybe that's not exactly how the scene goes.

With all the changing of closing dates for our escrow we've had to move utilities around to accommodate. So last night when we came home were were greeted by a powerless house. Fun! I'm seriously a dope... I called them to change it but they were closed so I had planned on sorting it out the next day but was promptly blindsided by the need to find an extra 3k for closing costs. My idiot of a finance guy mis-calculated our closing costs by three thousand dollars! Needless to say I was a bit preoccupied, with all the tricks I had to turn over the weekend.

Luckily my neighbor (*whos probably just being nice cuz he's so happy to see us leave.) let us run an electrical cord to our house to plug in the fridge. I told my honey that this is all just a glimpse into what will happen to us if we can't pay our new mortgage. No electricity, one car (oh yeah did I tell you guys my honey's car is in the shop since friday) and him having to drop me off at work at a god aweful hour so he can get his job done. (With wet hair & no makeup thank god no one is on this side of the building, I would have scared them to death.)

Of course theres no Tuesday's with Dorie for me AGAIN :( I bet when I do finally get everything in order the recipe will be something godaweful like mushroom anchovie tarts or something. This week pick sounds amazing of course, Tartest Lemon Tart chosen by Babette at Babette Feasts.

A mere $42.50 idiot fee (they should charge me extra honestly) and my electricity will be restored! Woot, thank you PWP!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


You know in Charlie & the Chocolate Factory (Circa Johnny Depp) when they get in the glass elevator to find Wonka's dad? His house is sitting there all by itself all the other houses attached to it previously have been torn down. I was lead to believe he stayed around waiting for his son to return..... I bet you thought that too didn't you? But the truth is he simply didn't want to go through another escrow.

This whole house buying experience has been something else, if we ever do get escrow to close I will live in this house until my end of days because I will never want to go through any of this again. (Please remind me of this if I ever venture to think I might sell this house. Unless I've won the lottery and I'm moving to Hawaii but even then I will give that shit away before I sign another escrow paper.)

I can't believe that the media is feeding us a bunch of bunk that there is a housing crisis of any kind. First of all it took us nearly 4 months to find a house after being outbid house after house after house. I shredded all the offers we made this morning and it was enough to choke a goat. You'd think it was a buyer market, but its not. I feel very very lucky to even be in escrow at all and I almost feel bad for the others that tried to outbid us... almost. You'd also think that loan officers and escrow people are sitting around twiddling their thumbs because no one is buying houses, but they aren't.

This is the suckiest of situations that we find ourselves in. Our landlord has been good enough to extend our stay first an extra 3 days to get us to the weekend after the original close date of 4/29 then an extra 10 days to get us to the weekend after our next close date of 4/8. The 10 days ends Sunday. But we have to yet again ask for yet another extension because the promise of loan papers have fallen through and we won't be closing escrow this week. How do you ask someone if you can stay if you don't even know when you will leave and when you do know a date you just end up sounding like a big fat liar because you have to change it so many times?

Ugh... I can't take it...

Don't forget to Pie

This month's theme over at You Want Pies with That? is Family Favorite Pie chosen by Natalie over at Oven Love

Everyone's family has traditions, including favorite desserts. What's your family favorite? Is it your mom's brownies, your grandmother's banana pudding, your brother's famous chocolate chip cookies? Whatever that favorite dessert is, take it and turn it into a pie! If it already is a pie, make the recipe with your own special twist. If you're feeling extra energized and willing to divulge family secrets, include the original recipe!
I wish I could have participated but honestly wouldn't have been able to come up with anything my family deems as a favorite anyway. Chocolate cream maybe? Dunno.... but I can't wait to see what the other bakers come up with though. If you have time join in, you may win the coveted bragging rights for the month.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

TWD: No Tiramisu

This is such a bummer, we still haven't moved! We really thought it was going to be this past weekend because our escrow was supposed to close the 29th. Frustrating doesn't even begin to cover it.... this by far is the most stressful time I've experienced in a long while. We are living like teenagers with no belongings. That's not the hard part though, it's kind of interesting and almost fun, the simplicity of it all. But annoying as hell when you have a great recipe choice from a blog buddy and you can't make it because you even packed away your flour!

This weeks Tuesday's w/Dorie recipe was chosen by my Bake Along cohort Megan from My Baking Adventures she picked the delicious sounding Tiramisu Cake on pages 266-268. Hopefully I will get to make up the recipes I keep missing because this one sounds so very good.

Oh and if you curious to see what a few grand can buy you in So. Cal, you can see a few pictures of our shack here. I took these when they were doing the inspection on the house. It's sort of a big white box right now and hopefully we will warm it up and make it a little more interesting. I tried to tactfully ask the old owner to take his junk out of the garage and he thought I was asking him to leave it... skillful negotiator I am not.