Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Food Challenge

In an attempt to be more frugal, Susan over at She's Becoming DoughMessTic has created The $100 Food Challenge for her family of three to eat for 4 weeks with what is currently in her kitchen and $100 dollars. This is intriguing because we just bought the house and I'm so broke it ain't even funny. Our cost to keep a roof over our heads tripled but my income hasn't so you can imagine.....

We've made changes like not eating out and taking our lunches to work. Doing pretty good on eating out mostly because I love sitting down to a really well made dinner and saying holy shit this only cost us 10 bucks when a really crappy meal out would be right around 25-30 for the two of us. Bringing lunch is much harder. Even though I haven't enjoyed a fast food feast in many years it's easy and I'm lazy so we make a good pair.

My personal challenge will be twofold... eat for 4 weeks on $150 bucks for two, as we have nothing in the freezer (we haven't restocked on food since the move so I'm ascared and had to add a extra fifty) and to not drive home for lunch. Because what's the point of saving the money on your lunch if you easily blow the savings in gas. I have to let my honey in on the idea since he's a sneak eater when he's not with me. He can easily blow 10 bucks by buying 2 dollar items all day and not even notice. And just so ya'll know I don't get paid until tomorrow so I can't sneak out myself and fill up the fridge... I will post the contents tonight. Wish me luck!


Becky said...

ahh good luck. i am going to do it too! just gotta figure out some details!

can't wait to see the posts as the july moves forward.

Jenn said...

Good Luck! I tried this awhile back, but I decided my family eats too much (and likes too much variety in food) for me to succeed on it. GOOD LUCK!