Friday, June 5, 2009

YWP: Dont forget to Pie!

I am gonna make a pie...I am gonna make a pie.... I am gonna make a pie......

My determination to enter this months pie-o-thon over at You Want Pies with That is unyielding. For some reason this time the pie idea for this months theme Childhood Memories just popped into my head immediately so I have to do it.
Childhood Memory Pie: Bake a pie or tart that is inspired by a favorite childhood memory. Maybe you spent a summer vacation in Maine so it's a blueberry pie; or your grandmother always baked lemon meringue, or you remember your first taste of apple pie ever. Tell us a little story that will help us walk down memory lane with you and relive some happy childhood memories!
Join in the fun if you got the time!

Oh and if anyone knows where I can get a print of this painting by Wayne Thiebaud please let me know, I'd love to hang it in my kitchen.

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