Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hell's Kitchen

Soooo I realized the other day when my BFF was telling me her hubby was accepted for tryouts to next season Hell's Kitchen (go Kevin! go Kevin!) that I had missed the beginning of the show!

So I ran home at lunch and set the ol Tivo to record, actually I don't think its Tivo anymore since we got Fios when we moved to the new house. Anyhoo.... anyone else baffled as to why that crazy dude freaked out on Chef Ramsay like that? It's not as if Chef was being antagonistic like usual. I guess I may have missed something from the previous episodes.

I'm so glad they let Robert come back! I hope he gets his shit together and wins... though after I was watching last night I'm not so sure he will last too long.

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Rosie said...

My husband and I keep saying the same thing. Why was he such an a-hole? And my husbadn also questioned the fact that in the Marines they call you even worst names.

It seems he just wanted to come out on TV as the guy that cursed Chef Ramsay out, but he looked like an idiot. lol

Loving this season, so far.