Thursday, July 2, 2009

PPPR: Day 2

This is quite troubling... I went grocery shopping and spent more than 1/2 of the budget! In my defense Trader Joe's was crazy packed and I just wanted to get the hell out of there! So I just bought what I needed without much forethought. Hopefully I can still make it because I don't know how we could have got through without the things I did buy, nothing frivolous went into the basket. OK well I did buy Tea Tree Tingle body wash but that doesn't count as food. If you have a TJs near you, you have to try this stuff it's the only body wash I've ever bought that I've used the entire bottle every time. Every other BW gets tossed out before its used after sitting around neglected in the shower for a few months.

Nothing exciting today for tonight's dinner because the hubs stood me up to go to dinner with his boss. I guess he really does think I'm going to starve him since he's now looking for food elsewhere. Cripes it's only the second day! Oh hell I hope his boss pays or there goes the budget!

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Maria said...

We don't have a TJ's so I guess that will help me in this challenge:) Good luck! I have already spent $8!