Saturday, July 4, 2009

PPPR: Day 4

Finally an actual cooking day for me! Since I'm worried that the hoodlums around here will burn down the neighborhood were sticking close to home for the 4th of July. Right now I feel like they are throwing M80s (I think that's what they are called) over the fence its so ridiculous but I guess they are having fun....since ohhh 9am this morning.

Anyhoo... back to the food.

I marinated pork (look away Jenn!) in BBQ sauce with a little twist of OJ and sweet chili sauce to give it a little something extra. For some reason my mom never used BBQ straight up, she always put it on the stove and simmered it with extra stuff, usually a load of butter (no my mom isn't Paula Deen). Since this was normal procedure growing up I usually add something in there out of habit. Not butter though I save the butter for other things like the slow roasted corn on the cob and steamed then pan sauteed creamer potatoes on the side.

For dessert there is no-bake cookies cooling on the counter. I hope they are good because they sure have potential to be tasty. And not turning on the stove in this July heat is a blessing for sure.

I tagged this recipe last week when I saw it over on the Brown-Eyed Baker... she got it from Ezra Poundcake who got it from ya gotta love the internet! Remember back in the day when you would watch cooking shows and you could send in a self addressed stamped envelope for the particular recipes from that show.... haha how far we have come!


Jenn said... soon as I read "I marinated pork" I thought I should stop reading! Hehe

Michelle said...

Hope you enjoyed the no-bake cookies! I am craving another batch myself :)

Megan said...

"Hoodlums burning down the neighborhood" - I said the same thing to David last night when we went out. I was afraid our neighbor's teenager and his pack of rats would blow up our driveway or something.