Monday, July 6, 2009

PPPR: Day 5 & 6

So yesterday I fell back on an old habit... one that will send me over my budget for sure. I was to lazy to take out anything to defrost for dinner. So off we went at 6pm to Fresh & Easy to get something for dinner. Bad bad bad! I have plenty of food to cook... why am I too lazy to take anything out! Meh...

Oh well... the honey burned some steaks and we grilled up some asparagus... good food.

Tonight, I still was too lazy to defrost so I made spaghetti & meatballs. Cool thing about that is the pre-made party meatballs from TJ's are tasty and can be tossed into sauce to defrost. A little garlic bread on the side... again good food on the cheap. No pictures though... to lazy for that ;)

Oh yeah the no-bake cookies from Day 4 were awesome! There are some still in the fridge and they are so good cold.

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Tracy said...

Mmm, meatballs...that is a good idea! :-)