Thursday, July 9, 2009

PPPR: I give up!

We were doing pretty good I thought but a few things brought me to the breaking point.

First, I don't even know if we are over or under budget but... probably over. Much akin to the feeling I get whilst balancing my checkbook I gave it up because I can only handle so much of that feeling....

Tuesday I didn't bring lunch and didn't have time to go home. Attempting to be a cheapo I had a Mt Dew, Jalapeno Cheetos and Swedish fish... all around ethnic smorgasbord for sure! Costing me roughly $5.00 that could have been spent on fast food that could have been slightly (yeah right) more healthy.

The hubby asked for bread! Bread people.... how could he need more bread! There's no room in the budget for more bread what is he thinking! I guess actually taking lunch will have that effect eh?

So by late Wednesday night at about 8pm I just wanted some blonde girl named Tiffany to bring me a burger and then take away the dishes...

Good luck to those of you that are still at it... I admit 8 days is a horrible horrible record. But there always has to be someone that quits first and that someone will be me! Ha I love being first!


Megan said...

Hey, I give you credit for even trying. There was NO way I was jumping on that bandwagon!

doughmesstic said...

Oh No. Maybe next time? I guess at least you gave it a go! :)

Jenn said...

Aww. I've been there on the quest to feed my family off a set budget (then again, you know how my family eats!). I'm sure you still picked something up on planning meals ahead, working to save, etc.

What I got out of it before was how to buy foods when they are cheaper (like the chips that will be 99 cents at albertsons tomorrow!).

Tell Nick to enjoy eating now!!!