Monday, August 17, 2009

Jim & Lina's Wedding Cake

This cake certainly got the best of me this weekend. I'm still exhausted. I think it turned out pretty even though I had a bitchy florist tell me the flowers were orange & not red, they matched the invitations, hers did not so :P Ah well the loved it no matter what and the hostest with the mostest my friend Elizabeth said everyone at the wedding had the best comments about the cake.

It was super stressful attending the wedding because I had a nice beeline view of the cake and from my vantage point it actually looked like it might fall forward. So I had to sneak over and look at the other side, level as ever, I guess it was an optical illusion, my need (and subsequent denial) for glasses or maybe the booze I had ingested at the party! You can see a few more closeups of the cake here.


La Nouvelle Femme said...

That looks gorgeous!! Amazing job.

Jen @ My Kitchen Addiction said...

Your cake looks so beautiful! I enjoy baking/decorating cakes, but mine never turn out that well. I especially love the black piping work... gorgeous!

Eliana said...

Great job. It looks incredible.