Monday, September 7, 2009

Bake Along: Garlic Knots

Evil evil garlic knots! These were so darn yummy that the hubby and I had to forcibly stop eating them! Three each, and they aren't tiny either! Holy smokes we are pigs!
These were easy to make, especially because its pretty hot here so proofing the dough took absolutely no effort and very little patience. I ended up with 9 rolls at 3 oz of dough each. And since it was hot I cooked these on the BBQ... yeah no joke! Our BBQ keeps a pretty steady temp at 325-350 so I just popped them in there on a double baking sheet. First up high on the top rack then moved them down later to brown up the bottoms. I was really careful to pay attention to them though so they wouldn't burn but they came out lovely. Everyone of them golden and deliciously cooked to perfection. I will definitely make these again, but when there is more of a crowd present... cuz god knows we don't need to finish them off on our own.
Great pick Megan! You can grab the recipe here if you want to give it a try, worth every effort.

Jenn from This Little Piggys Life actually followed the knotting instructions that I was too lazy to go find! Hers came out so cute!
Megan rocked her Knots too over at My Baking Adventures


Jenn said...

They are good! I made a batch too, and they are yummy!

Megan said...

Holy moly! Evil is the perfect description of those little buggers! It's a good thing I only made half the batch, because we ate them all.

Your choice next.......

Eliana said...

These look awesome. I especially love that they were so easy to make.