Monday, November 30, 2009

Shaking off Thanksgiving

It's 9:30 Monday morning... I'm having a hard time getting back into the groove of things @ work. Strangely no one is bustling around in their normal end of the month fuss... yet.

On Saturday we managed to clean up and set up the garage, a project that has been looming since we moved into our new house in May. I know 6 months is a whole lotta procrastination... but it still feels good that its done! You could actually park a car in there if your car was slim enough to clear the door, mine isn't. I don't understand our garage, weren't cars BIGGER in the 1950's?

In an attempt to give our new digs some character we also started work on the front bathroom on Sunday. Most of the day was spent trying to undo the bad DIY done by the previous owner... he tried I guess, some things we just had to give up on lest we end up ripping out all the drywall.

Were adding white wainscoting (courtesy of my mom's overbuying super powers) new molding and painting the top a teal green color. The vanity will be black satin and I will be adding some Haeckel prints and other funky steampunk-ish sorta things which is really easy to do now a days since they have funky things even at Target. Hmmm well clearly not very original but at least it won't be this white Home Depot sheik that it is currently.

Did you do anything fun this long weekend? I know the above does not sound fun but it is for me! Organizing crap makes me happy... I know I have a few screws loose.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

TWD: Bundt Accomplished

Ok what do you do when you when they let you go home 2 hours early on Thanksgiving-eve? Well you crack out a bundt cake another pie (and color your hair) of course!
Monday & Tuesday before Turkey Day I made quite a few pies for friends at work, my solution to extra holiday cashola if you know what I mean. The line up: 4 Apple Pies, 1 Lime Cream Pie, 1 Lime cream tart, 2 sugar free Pumpkin Cheesecakes, 1 regular Pumpkin Swirl Cheesecake, 1 Chocolate PB pie and 2 1/2 dozen Ginger Molasses Cookies. Not the most pies I've made at one time thats for certain... but still its an accomplishment. I've hear a few good reviews, hopefully will get more on Monday.
Even after all that pie business I had to make a chocolate pie as requested by my honey... and I really really wanted to try the All-in-One Holiday Bundt Cake. It was really easy to throw together and it tasted amazing. I think I may make it again but skip the cranberries.... the tartness kind of threw me off a bit and I would have enjoyed it much more without. As mentioned before you can go visit Brit for the recipe over at The Nitty Britty or turn to pages 186 and 187 in Baking from My Home to Yours by Dorie Greenspan.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

TWD: All-in-One Holiday Bundt

I was planning on making the All-in-One Holiday Bundt this week to bring over to my parents house for Turkey  Day. But alas my oven will be preoccupied with delicious goodies for others to take to their families houses for Turkey day.

Luckily my family is strangely unimpressed with anything that I make so I'm not obligated to bring a thing! Or maybe its familial paranoia from back in the day when I would turn out cookies my dad would lovingly call hockey pucks....

You can head over to see Britin for the recipe over at The Nitty Britty. 

Oh man! I almost forgot to say HAPPY THANKSGIVING to you all!  Anyone have interesting plans for their turkey? I watched Alton Brown the other day in his turkey frying session... after seeing the demo of what could go wrong I don't think I will ever do that.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

TWD: Cran-Apple Crisp

Holy moly this was one tart crisp! I used two big granny smith apples and fresh cranberries and it was mouth puckering goodness. See that little dab of ice cream right there? It certainly needed more of that to counter the tartiness. I was to lazy to go scoop more but my honey liked it enough to get seconds of everything. He's not really a cooked fruit lover so the fact that he got seconds is saying something.
This recipe was brought to you by the letter Em @ The Repressed Pastry Chef. You can swing on by her site to find this super easy recipe amongst her other fabulous posts.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Pink Princess

This was for our niece Kyla's 5th birthday. The instructions were pink and princessy. I loved making all the flowers that cascaded down 4 sides of the cake. More shots of this uber pink cake here.

Jacob's Baseball Cake

This was for my co-worker's son. He loves the Dodgers so I had to try and achieve dodger blue which I now loathe... it was the hardest part of the entire cake. As you can see I didn't make much of it that blue color... after adding all that coloring the fondant started to smell a bit like chemicals... not very appetizing in my opinion. You can see some other closeups of this one here.

Abstract Ocean Cake

This was for my niece Jessica to celebrate her 16th Birthday. She just said ocean but not a beachy luau type of cake. I think this fit the bill but I'm not so sure she will give me free reign again...because it is a little odd.

You can see more shots on my website here... there were great things on every side that I just loved it was hard to make the web page for this and pick only a few photos.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

TWD: Sugar-topped Molasses Cookies

I'm not a cookie dough fan, I don't care for cookie dough ice cream and I would never scarf down a tube of slice & bake. But this dough... man.... so so good! I had to get out of the kitchen and write this post or I would have ate it all.

I was saying to my honey that I don't recall if I've ever made anything with real molasses in it. I catch the spill over whilst I was measure out the 1/2 cup for the recipe and give it a taste. Memories of baking with my grandma come flooding in when the flavor hits my tongue and the most vivid thing of all....molasses on pancakes!

Well, I just took pictures and did the taste test. I think these are by far my most favorite Tuesdays with Dorie recipe so far! Thanks to Pamela of Cookies with Boys for choosing it.

Modern Conveniences

Right when we moved in to our cool new digs our dryer decided it liked our old house better and refused to work anymore. Oh sure it spun around and teased us by warming up a bit but otherwise it was a big huge doorstop.

Being broke as a joke (having bought a new house and all that) I devised a plan to hang out laundry. We rigged up a really cool line in the backyard and proceeded to hang out our chonies for all the birds to see. With temperatures ranging from 96-106 degrees it doesn't take long for your clothes to dry... so bonus for being in California right. But no longer can you throw in the random load in the evening, you pretty much have to be dragging clothes in and out everyday to make sure all the laundry is done, pre-planning is key. Its kind of theraputic for oh say 5 loads then its just god damn annoying.

Well this weekend my honey fixed the dryer (w00t!) $50 bucks and a allot of cursing, the dryer is good as new. I'm very lucky to have married a handy man and I'm super thankful for modern conveniences.

Monday, November 2, 2009

File under ridiculous....

Because we had ever so loverly change of time Sunday, I had the rare occasion to sit on the couch and eat breakfast this morning.

Apparently if your up really early (or really late) you can experience the most ridiculous products on TV. That over there to your right readers is a Pump Glove! Pure geniu.... err ok maybe not. I think its my grandmas garden glove with a bow glued on. Who the hell is going to whip out some polka dot gloves at the gas station?!

I say save the $14.95 + shipping & handling and get your hubster to pump your gas for you! Cuz that's what my momma taught me!