Monday, November 2, 2009

File under ridiculous....

Because we had ever so loverly change of time Sunday, I had the rare occasion to sit on the couch and eat breakfast this morning.

Apparently if your up really early (or really late) you can experience the most ridiculous products on TV. That over there to your right readers is a Pump Glove! Pure geniu.... err ok maybe not. I think its my grandmas garden glove with a bow glued on. Who the hell is going to whip out some polka dot gloves at the gas station?!

I say save the $14.95 + shipping & handling and get your hubster to pump your gas for you! Cuz that's what my momma taught me!


Megan said...

That has to be the most ridiculous invention I've ever seen.

No wait, the talking bass (remember those?) wins that prize.

I certainly wouldn't spend $15 on that!

Eliana said...

Chocolate comas are the best. This looks delicious.

Jenn said...

If I thought they were cute, I may be dumb enough to fall for it ;) Okay, maybe not... but you never know!

My Grandma sure learned well. I don't think she's pumped gas a day in her life. It's always Grandpa or Full Service!