Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Modern Conveniences

Right when we moved in to our cool new digs our dryer decided it liked our old house better and refused to work anymore. Oh sure it spun around and teased us by warming up a bit but otherwise it was a big huge doorstop.

Being broke as a joke (having bought a new house and all that) I devised a plan to hang out laundry. We rigged up a really cool line in the backyard and proceeded to hang out our chonies for all the birds to see. With temperatures ranging from 96-106 degrees it doesn't take long for your clothes to dry... so bonus for being in California right. But no longer can you throw in the random load in the evening, you pretty much have to be dragging clothes in and out everyday to make sure all the laundry is done, pre-planning is key. Its kind of theraputic for oh say 5 loads then its just god damn annoying.

Well this weekend my honey fixed the dryer (w00t!) $50 bucks and a allot of cursing, the dryer is good as new. I'm very lucky to have married a handy man and I'm super thankful for modern conveniences.

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