Monday, November 30, 2009

Shaking off Thanksgiving

It's 9:30 Monday morning... I'm having a hard time getting back into the groove of things @ work. Strangely no one is bustling around in their normal end of the month fuss... yet.

On Saturday we managed to clean up and set up the garage, a project that has been looming since we moved into our new house in May. I know 6 months is a whole lotta procrastination... but it still feels good that its done! You could actually park a car in there if your car was slim enough to clear the door, mine isn't. I don't understand our garage, weren't cars BIGGER in the 1950's?

In an attempt to give our new digs some character we also started work on the front bathroom on Sunday. Most of the day was spent trying to undo the bad DIY done by the previous owner... he tried I guess, some things we just had to give up on lest we end up ripping out all the drywall.

Were adding white wainscoting (courtesy of my mom's overbuying super powers) new molding and painting the top a teal green color. The vanity will be black satin and I will be adding some Haeckel prints and other funky steampunk-ish sorta things which is really easy to do now a days since they have funky things even at Target. Hmmm well clearly not very original but at least it won't be this white Home Depot sheik that it is currently.

Did you do anything fun this long weekend? I know the above does not sound fun but it is for me! Organizing crap makes me happy... I know I have a few screws loose.


Megan said...

You sure had a productive weekend - me too, we broke out all the Christmas decorations and got organized. I must be sick too because I enjoy all that cleaning and stuff.

Have a question for you - when you bake sugar free items, do you use Splenda?

Nichi said...

Doesn't it give you a good feeling to get your shit together!

Yes usually Splenda granulated. Tho my mom uses this stuff called Altern which I think it maybe a knockoff that they sell at Walmart.