Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Farmers Markets

I love going out to any Farmers Market...

From the big kahuna in LA The Original Farmers Market which can be more of a tourist attraction than anything else, but if you go, get me some Blueberry Honey please! To more local smaller variety where you elbow yourself into the mix of other patrons vying for the best pluot. My favorite is the Pasadena Victory Park Market which used to be a hop-skip & jump from our old house, I still drag my honey out there on bright and shiny Saturday mornings because they have an awesome egg vendor.

Were pretty lucky here in California, you can probably find one close to you on any given day. I stumbled upon this site (while looking at something completely unrelated/wonders of the internet) I thought it might help you find more markets if you so happen to live round here. http://www.farmernet.com/ 


The Spiteful Chef said...

So if we get stationed in California next, can I petition you to show me around the good farmer's markets? I just want to think that I know someone in California who likes food, really.

Nichi said...