Tuesday, January 5, 2010

TWD: Tarte Tatin

What! A Tuesdays with Dorie post... on an actual Tuesday! Its a Xmakwanzannukkah2k10 Miracle! Sorry for joking about our beloved holidays but it being January 5th and all... I am just burnt the hell out! I'm sure you've all noticed they started cracking out the candy hearts around the 16th of December... no joking. My sister in law thought I was full of it when I told her I was standing in front of Valentines Day stuff, I wish I had taken a picture for her and for you guys as proof!

This week we had 2 choices to celebrate the 2nd Anniversary of TWD Tarte Tatin or Cocoa Buttermilk Birthday cake. But don't tell my honey about that part (good thing he never reads this) because he will be mad I chose baked apples over chocolate.  You can find both recipes over on Laurie's blog Slush.

As for Tarte Tatin, back when I was in culinary school they told us this wicked story about two sisters, I don't know if its true but you can read it for yourself if you clickity click here. All in all this is just a lazy mans apple pie. I made mine using Honey Crisp Apples in a mini skillet, it was a little bland because I was being lazy and rushed with the crust by barely measuring the 1/3 of a recipe but nothing a little caramel ice cream can't cure! And besides I will feel far less guilty eating it for breakfast tomorrow (without the ice cream I promise) since its not too sweet ;)


TeaLady said...

Looks just perfect to me. And love it with the ice cream. Is that caramel or apple swirl in the ice cream. YUM!!!!

Megan said...

Yeah - what's with all the Valentine's stuff out already? Sheesh.

Talk about holiday overload - I hear you loud and clear.

Eliana said...

Happy New Year. Your tarte looks amazing.

Pamela said...

Yup...I noticed the Valentines stuff was out when I went in for the Christmas clearance sale a couple of days after the 25th. Crazy. Nice tarte tatin.