Monday, March 15, 2010

Striped Electric Guitar

I'm trying really hard to catch up on editing photos and posting cakes I've done in the past few months. Trouble is I'm a shit photographer so I have to go thru a gillion pictures to get a few good ones. Thank the stars for digital cameras!

This is the second guitar cake I've done (here's the first one) so I knew a little of what was getting into. Making the detachable neck so it could fit in my fridge to all the tiny details. But what I didn't know was what was going to happen to the painted surface.

Because of the detail, I decided to hand paint the stripes then airbrush the edge and up the sides for the faded effect, this initially created a horrifying deeply pitted orange peel effect. Short of bawling my eyes out (which isn't allowed in baking my friends...) I decided the next best choice was to paint it. Scary thoughts of puddled brush marks ran thru my scrambled brain but I had no choice but to try or worse case rip off all the fondant and start over. A big soft brush laden with deep black vodka did the trick and it created a nice glossy finish to the guitar! You can see some other photos here.


Jenn said...

I don't know HOW you have the patience to do those cakes! I normally don't even have the patience to frost our cakes :P

Came out great!

Susan said...

Wow! And, Wow! Fabulous cake. Such attention to detail. Great job!! I do stuff like that and know how much time and energy is involved. You should be proud!

Lisa P said...

From the mother and father of the birthday girl that cake was amazing!!
We had nothing but comments on how wonderful it looked. The live band that we had perform thought it was my daughters actual guitar. None of them thought it was a cake. The conversation from them was one of pure amazement on how it looked so real. It tasted awesome also.
Thank You and can't wait for the next cake.