Thursday, April 8, 2010

Marsh's Golden Anniversary

Its always harder for me to create web pages for cakes I really love. Narrowing down the photos to just a few shots is excruciating for me because I want to share them all. The photo here was taken by my sister-in-law Tahnee. She is a professional photographer and it certainly shows. I have the same shot, and mine doesn't look nearly as nice.
I love this cake because it was for my inlaws, they are awesome people. I couldn't have been blessed with marrying into a better family. Much like my own folks they are so sweet and genuine.
I also loved that I learned a few things while making this one. The entire surface of the cake is airbrushed, creating a smooth layer of color was difficult. Patience to add color layer by layer is not my strong suite and I paid for it when I was putting the fondant ribbons on the cake with quite a few blemishes. Next time I will have to try a different technique.

You can see a few close up shots here.

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Marysol said...

That's quite a masterpiece! Both, the elegant cake and the photo.

You know, I have yet to airbrush an entire cake for fear of streaks and unevenness. But you have mastered the art beautifully.