Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Chocolate Cheesecake

When I was in culinary school they had us make cheesecake in a regular cake pan. This was a little scary at first because sheesh I've used a spring form pan most my whole life, how the hell are we going to get a cheesecake out of a regular pan!

Here's what you do...line the bottom of a regular cake pan with parchment just like making a cake. Par-bake your crust, and bake your cheesecake like usual. Let the cheesecake chill out overnight in the pan in the fridge. The next day, take your pan put it directly over your burner on a high flame, and spin it around for a few seconds to slightly warm the crust, run a knife carefully around the sides then invert (yes really) the cheesecake onto a cardboard or plate, it will plop right out. Turn it right side up on your serving plate. Voila! Easy cheesy! You will never have to buy an uber-expensive spring form pan or try and keep your water bath from seeping into it or find a place to store the blasted thing.....

This was the Low & Lush Chocolate Cheesecake from Baking from My Home to yours page 243. The crust is a combo of sugar cookies, almonds and turbanado sugar. The sugar stays crunchy because there isn't much to dissolve the granules when you make a press in crust. This was great to add a little crunch to the creamy texture of the filling. The top was a dark chocolate 50/50 ganache poured on after it was cooled down a bit.


SiHaN said...

I would probably suffer a heartattack upon flipping the cheesecake out onto a platter and flipping it back right side up again.

Kudos to you. That looks lovely.

Eliana said...

The perfect slice - doesn't get better than this.

AmyRuth said...

Beautiful and thank you so much for teaching me something new. Now I feel like I'm so smart. Who needs another springform. Perfecto!