Tuesday, May 18, 2010

TWD: Apple-Apple Bread Pudding

However delicious this sounds... bread pudding reminds me too much of the buffets at culinary school. And that just makes me wanna yack! I don't know why those buffet days riveted within me these harsh feelings towards cupcakes and bread pudding... but it did.
I've kind of gotten over the cupcake thing, hell its been like 4 years or something... you eventually have to let things go right? But my bread pudding feelings are still strong, probably because I haven't given any bread pudding chance in hell. The big cambros filled with stale cake and bread just awaiting the dunk in custard to form a glutenous mass of bland carbs that not even a delicious sauce could make edible just can't be ripped from my brain.
Well... if that doesn't inspire you to go make it yourself I don't know what would! You can find the recipe over at Cake or Death? and to be honest Liz' looks fricken delicious.....


natalia said...

i'm sorry for your memories ! This was delicious !!

Sabrina said...

I do not like bread pudding. :(
I also haven't been baking in awhile either.
Thanks for the website information! I am excited to check it out! :)

Liz said...

Ha! Given that bread pudding description, it's no wonder you're a hater. Don't worry, I ate enough bread pudding this week for the both of us. :)