Tuesday, May 4, 2010

TWD: Burnt Sugar Ice Cream

You know when your out camping and you make your first roasted marshmallow of the trip? The kind that you rush through (and maybe light on fire a few times to many) and its way to charcoalie because the fire is to high? So you set your mind to making the perfect one and you take your time to really crisp up the outside to the perfect dark brown and its been on the stick so long its just practically oozing off because its molten marshmallow all the way to the center...you pop that marshmallow in your mouth and its so very perfectly perfect? This is what this ice cream taste like.... but cold.... cold perfection.

Go visit Becky over at Project Domestication for the super easy recipe.


Mary said...

Mmm..love the perfect roasted marshmallow. in university we used to make them over the flame on the gas stove, but they were never the same. There's an ice cream shop in Toronto that makes a roasted marshmallow ice cream that tastes amazingly like the real thing. Maybe I need to experiment... But, this is about your burnt sugar ice cream, which looks fantastic!!

Marysol said...

All it took was your description of this wonderful Burnt Sugar Ice Cream to trigger a craving!

mike said...

Great comparison! Yes, this was the Perfect ice cream - just like the perfect roasted marshmallow. Looks wonderful - and now, I need to make this again!