Tuesday, November 9, 2010

TWD: Cranberry Shortbread Cake

Oh guys I had this idea when I was making my Cranberry Shortbread Cake! Ok so you know how I'm super lazy, I was like dreading separating the dough, and getting out the rolling pin and all that crazy stuff. This lead to a lazephiphany.

I lined my tart pan with plastic, pressed in 1/2 the dough to an even thickness then wrapped it up and popped it out of the pan to chill on a plate. Then pressed in the bottom 1/2 and put that into chill. Then I just had to unwrap the top and pop it onto the filling and it fits perfectly. No stinking rolling pin.... w00t! Hows that for easy? Alright, its not genius... but it took less time to do than to write down how to do it. And word on the street is that this is nummy! At least that's what was hollered down the hallway by the taste tester as I was finishing this post...... so I should go try some. ;)

This weeks host was Jessica from A Singleton in the Kitchen, she cranked out two versions of this just because she loves her friends, so much like most of the TWDers I wish she was my neighbor!


Eliana said...

Your version of this treat looks like it turned super delicious.

Jessica said...

I feel the laziness, trust me. Your cake looks fantastic. I'm so glad you baked along with me this week!