Tuesday, November 29, 2011

TWD: Sourcream Pumpkin Tart

I learned three very significant things while making this weeks Tuesdays with Dorie recipe. But I just forgot one of them while I was writing this so I will give you two.....

1. This makes way to much filling for one measly tart, and I should probably review the recipe because I might have messed something up.
2. Pumpkin pie isn't horrible if you didn't just eat your weight in turkey, stuffing and gravy!

I wish I could think of the 3rd thing because it was really important but its been a long long long day. We had open enrollment at my work and me being the HR bossy boss of such things I am super beat so I will leave it at that before I write something really stupid.

Oh frick I just remembered! Apparently my brain is not as mushy as I suspected.

3. Leaving out 2 tablespoons of butter really doesn't matter when you have a cup and a half of heavy cream in a recipe! 

Go see Miss Judy for the recipe this week over at Judy's Gross Eats because this is anything but....

Make sure you join me next week as I get to be the AND/OR host for one of the very last recipes. Good gosh I hope my Madeleines don't stick!

December 6, 2011 – Kayte of Grandma’s Kitchen Table chose Honey Almond Fig Tart on page 373 AND/OR Nicole of Bakeologie chose Earl Grey Madeleines on page 169.

Monday, November 14, 2011

TWD: Bittersweet Brownies

Were going to have a lot of lasts over @ Tuesdays with Dorie... and this is the last brownie. I would be sad but its not possible. If this is the last brownie you ever make tis a good one fo sho.

Now I talk a lot about brownie belly, and for some reason this brownie doesn't do that. Not that I couldn't have gone back for seconds and fourths and inflicted brownie belly on myself by just plain eating too many because they is goo-ood. But somehow, they are truly satisfyingly perfect forcing you to pace your brownie intake over several delicious days instead of just one day of glutenous punishment.

If you want to try some brownie perfection head over to see Leslie... she's got the goods over on her blog Lethally Delicious hmmmmm seriously fitting blog title for this recipe no?

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

TWD: Mini Madelines

Oh Madeline... why must you stick? I take every precaution and your cakey goodness still taunts me. Maybe I need to do the unthinkable and ditch my current Madeline pan for silicone but its so hard to get rid of what should be a good decent pan. I have to peruse all the other Madeline baker posts this week to find out what they did to avoid the stickage because the thought of silicone makes me cringe.

Well regardless of their reluctance to leave the coziness confines of the pan, they were yummy and possible worth the trouble. Should you be so inclined you can get the full recipe from Di over at Di's Kitchen Notebook this week.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Pirate vs Ninja 2: Pirate Bob's Revenge

This is the second installment of the Pirate vs Ninja cake series... haha I kid there is no series... but this is the second Pirates vs Ninja themed cake I've done. The first year (clicky click here if you want to reminisce) it was unclear who the would be the victor, but in the second cake its pretty clear who has the upper hand. You can go check out the details here.

Since the pirates had the upper hand I needed a second hand and recruited my mom to help. She helped make the ninjas heads for while I made the full body pirates, if you see the more serious ones were hers. Mine were the country bumpkin ninjas. She also made all the doubloons that were stacked inside the cake and the swords and legs for the ninjas. She drew the line at making hands... unless I wanted Canadian ninjas with mittens on she wasn't going to make them. I finished up all the details and painting of eyeballs and tiny things a couple of days later. It was really fun to get her involved, she's super creative but I think she's scared of cake... I might convert her yet!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

TWD: Honey Nut Scones

I'm not sure about scones. I know people that love them but I just find them sorta boring. So boring that I forgot them in the oven while I was watching the last episode of Top Chef Just Desserts. They just need more... more fat, more flavor, more moisture... eh I dunno. The last time I liked a scone it was full of bacon and Asiago cheese so I think there maybe no pleasing me when it comes to scones unless its full of bacony goodness.

So, Halloween! How was yours? Ours was as fun as can be expected when you don't have little ones running amok. The hubster answered the door most of the night as I was super exhausted from the company Halloween Potluck. I didn't have the energy to be cheery for the cute little whipper snappers that came in search of treats all evening. Not to mention the strength to stop myself from smacking all the surly (un-costumed) teenagers.... geesh at least make a darn effort, lazy shits!

Anyhoo this was the dessert table at work.... I made the (un-costumed...hehe speaking of lazy) red velvet in the middle with an experimental cream cheese butter cream that I will tweak to make perfect because it was super delicious and can be delicious-er with a few adjustments. I have no idea how many cupcakes we ended up with, I think everyone that didn't officially sign up for the potluck ended up bringing in cupcakes, I think there were twice as many as in this photo! It was quite the choice to be made.