Tuesday, November 1, 2011

TWD: Honey Nut Scones

I'm not sure about scones. I know people that love them but I just find them sorta boring. So boring that I forgot them in the oven while I was watching the last episode of Top Chef Just Desserts. They just need more... more fat, more flavor, more moisture... eh I dunno. The last time I liked a scone it was full of bacon and Asiago cheese so I think there maybe no pleasing me when it comes to scones unless its full of bacony goodness.

So, Halloween! How was yours? Ours was as fun as can be expected when you don't have little ones running amok. The hubster answered the door most of the night as I was super exhausted from the company Halloween Potluck. I didn't have the energy to be cheery for the cute little whipper snappers that came in search of treats all evening. Not to mention the strength to stop myself from smacking all the surly (un-costumed) teenagers.... geesh at least make a darn effort, lazy shits!

Anyhoo this was the dessert table at work.... I made the (un-costumed...hehe speaking of lazy) red velvet in the middle with an experimental cream cheese butter cream that I will tweak to make perfect because it was super delicious and can be delicious-er with a few adjustments. I have no idea how many cupcakes we ended up with, I think everyone that didn't officially sign up for the potluck ended up bringing in cupcakes, I think there were twice as many as in this photo! It was quite the choice to be made. 


mike509 said...

Well the "dessert table" MIGHT be a little more interesting than the scones! A lot more... but that's the beauty of scones - their simplicity. Glad you made them - they (everything) looks fantastic!

Jeannette said...

Sorry that you don't much care for scones, I was the same way but I learned to embrace them and make them correctly. Plus, there is nothing a shmear of butter and some jam can't fix ;) thank you for baking with me anyway :)

Jessica said...

A dessert table at work? Clearly I worked at the wrong offices. I don't think to make scones too often (the "boring" factor) but when I do, I love them. Go figure.