Tuesday, March 6, 2012

TWD Baking with Julia: Rugelach

Hmmm what to say about Rugelach...I haven't made it since the last time we made it because its good...but time consuming, all the chilling and the chopping and the whatnot. I didn't make the Lekvar because really another component to an already fussy pastry just wasn't happening. What is that anyways? Wikipedia to the rescue! I'll go read about it later....
I used some Guava Jelly instead, slathered with a mixture of walnuts, cherries and golden raisins. I much rather do the crescent roll type of rugelach because these bad boys just fell over instead baking all nice and pretty like Jessica's did over at My Baking Heart. You can head on over there for the recipe too or check it out in the book on pages 325-327, yes that many pages for one little pastry. But its worth it, even if its fussy.

The hubs said they were disgusting and I should even try them... hmmm I think I should be suspicious.